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CryoActive is an exclusive full-service spa and rejuvenation center based in Westlake, CA. From start to finish, our team is dedicated to providing each client with an all around luxurious experience from the moment they walk through the door to the moment they leave. Our state-of-the art facilities are designed as a refreshing modern oasis equipped not only with the latest cutting-edge technology for physical recovery, but the latest scientific tools and treatments for overall health, beauty, anti-aging and wellbeing.



Cryotherapy uses sub zero temperatures as therapy to activate hypothalamus, immune and the central nervous system causing an anti-inflammatory effect throughout the body. It triggers vasoconstriction during the therapy then vasodilation after the therapy, which means it limits the flow of blood and fluid during the treatment then promotes the circulation of rich oxygenated blood post therapy. 




CryoActive treatments help to increase the flow of blood in the body, improving circulation and boosting oxygen levels in the blood to help you feel fresh and stay active for longer. With increased blood flow and reduced muscle inflammation Cryotherapy can help to encourage natural growth and cell rejuvenation in the body.



Cryotherapy has been used by many professional athletes and those who regularly workout to reduce muscle inflammation and fatigue and help to boost their recovery post-workout.



Cryotherapy can help increase weight loss. a three minute session can encourage the body to burn up to hundreds of calories over the course of a day, depending on the individual up to 800 calories.



CryoActive skin treatments help to target and reduce the signs of Cellulite on the body and help to maintain smooth cellulite free skin. Cooling therapies have long been used to help reduce the signs of aging, Cryotherapy can help to turn back the clock and keep you looking younger and fresher for longer.


At CryoActive, we believe that Cryotherapy is the first step, not the only step. Our qualified staff will walk you through a range of restorative health and advanced recovery services to aid in reaching your health, recovery and beauty goals.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

WBC exposes the body to sub-zero temperatures to cause and anti-inflammatory response throughout the body.

Local Cryotherapy

Our CRYO- T Elephant gives us the ability to localize cold treatment in one targeted area to aid in injury recovery. 

Compression Therapy

Normatec Compression uses patented pulse technology to boost circulation and break up lactic acid.


Assisted Stretching

Our team of certified trainers will identify your areas of limited mobility and work to expand your range of motion.


CryoBeauty Treatments

We use sub-zero temperatures on the face, neckline and hands to help boost collagen production and restore your youthful skin. 

Whole Body Detox

Our detox activates the lymphatic system to flush you of excess toxins and help you lose up to six inches in one session.

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